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Flatbed Trucking

If you are in need of reliable Flatbed trucking you are in the right hands.

Flatbed Trucking services meet the requirements of clients transporting special equipment or material. Loads that are oversized, wide, over length or a combination of these are best moved via Flatbeds. This service is ideal for construction sites or shipping points that have no available dock or require quick loading and unloading. Their versatility also shines while  shipping cranes and other bulky equipment  allowing shipments to be loaded from any side. 

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Whether your freight is wide, long, or oversize, our flatbed trucks are designed to accommodate larger shipments. With specialized straps, tarps, chains, and suspensions, we’ll make sure we secure everything carefully to the flatbed so that it arrives at its destination in immaculate condition. Plus, our trucks offer extensive operational and dimensional flexibility to be able to meet your logistical needs. We can load your shipment to the sides, top, or at the back of the trailer.

When you choose us, you can expect smooth deliveries every single time.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Flatbed Trucking

What is flatbed trucking?

Flatbed trucking involves the transportation of goods on an open trailer without sides or a roof. These trailers have a flat, level surface, allowing for the transportation of oversized, bulky, or irregularly shaped cargo that wouldn't fit in enclosed trailers.

What kind of cargo is suitable for flatbed shipping?

Flatbed shipping is ideal for transporting various types of cargo, including construction materials like steel, lumber, machinery, oversized equipment, vehicles, and other goods that cannot be easily loaded into standard enclosed trailers.

How is cargo secured on a flatbed trailer?

Cargo on a flatbed trailer is secured using various methods such as chains, straps, binders, tarps, and specialized equipment. Securing cargo is essential to prevent shifting, damage, or loss during transportation.

What are the weight and size limits for flatbed shipments?

Weight and size limits for flatbed shipments vary depending on local regulations and the type of trailer being used. Generally, flatbed trailers can handle loads up to 48,000 pounds and are designed to accommodate oversized or irregularly shaped cargo. Legal flatbed loads are not to exceed 53' in length, 8.5' in width and 102 inches in height with a max. weight of 48,000 lbs.  Most flatbed trailers are often 48' length and 8.5' wide .If you are shipping something that is large don't fret you may still be able to use a flatbed with oversize permits. Smart Transport Inc has the experience of hauling oversize loads.  We are flatbed oversize transport specialists. Our team of experts will work with you to gather everything needed to get the permits you need. We take a load off your back and work out all the details to get your load delivered quickly and safely!!

What are the advantages of using flatbed trucking services?

Flatbed trucking offers several advantages, including versatility for transporting large or unconventional cargo, ease of loading and unloading, accessibility for crane or forklift loading, and the ability to secure and protect cargo with various tie-down methods.

How does weather impact flatbed shipping?

Weather conditions can affect flatbed shipping schedules and cargo protection. Extreme weather, such as heavy rain, snow, or high winds, may require additional precautions or delays to ensure cargo safety and delivery timelines.

What safety measures are taken in flatbed trucking?

Safety is a top priority in flatbed trucking. Drivers are trained to properly secure cargo, conduct regular inspections, follow safety protocols for loading and unloading, and adhere to traffic regulations to ensure the safety of themselves and other road users.

How do I choose the right flatbed trucking company?

When selecting a flatbed trucking company, consider factors such as experience in handling your specific cargo type, safety record, insurance coverage, available equipment, geographic coverage, and reputation for reliability and customer service.

What should I consider when preparing my cargo for flatbed shipping?

Preparing cargo for flatbed shipping involves proper packaging, securing loose parts, determining weight distribution, providing accurate dimensions, ensuring compliance with regulations, and communicating specific handling instructions to the carrier.

How can I get a quote for flatbed trucking services?

To get a quote for flatbed trucking services, contact reputable trucking companies and provide details about your cargo, pickup and delivery locations, shipment dimensions, weight, special handling requirements, and any other relevant information.




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