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Smart Transport Inc
Your Trusted Miami Trucking Partner

At Smart Transport Inc, we take pride in being the premier choice for all your transportation needs in Miami and beyond. With a steadfast commitment to reliability, safety, and efficiency, we offer specialized services tailored to meet your diverse shipping requirements.

Our Services

Transportation needs are not one size fits all. That is why we have provided suppliers requiring local trucking services with options. Our fleet can handle all your trucking needs. From the right sized equipment to the proper application. The Smart Transport team is experienced and trained to meet the needs of your shipments. Understanding that requirements and specifications differ for each of our clients.   


We’re always prepared to provide reliable and straightforward solutions.

Flatbed Services: Need to transport heavy equipment, construction materials, or oversized cargo? Our flatbed trucks are equipped to handle your specialized needs efficiently and securely.

Step Deck Transport: For cargo that exceeds standard height restrictions, our step deck trailers provide the necessary space and stability for safe transportation.

Dry Van Solutions: Whether it's perishable goods, consumer goods, or any other general freight, our dry van services ensure timely and secure deliveries, safeguarding your cargo from external elements.


Aerospace Logistics: With specialized expertise in handling aerospace cargo, we guarantee precision, care, and adherence to strict industry standards for your sensitive and valuable shipments.


Miami Airport Ramp Access / Airside Operation Access: Operating in close proximity to Miami International Airport, we provide swift and reliable airport delivery services, ensuring seamless logistics for time-sensitive shipments.

If you need a local trucking company that can handle all your shipments no matter the size, then look no further. We have built trust with clients over the years and plan on maintaining our reputation. 

Service Area

Our fleet is always ready to serve the Miami and South Florida areas with reliable Flatbed, Step Deck, Dry Van and Specialty trucking services.

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