• Zeena Cruz

The Right Equipment for the Job

Getting to know the type of equipment we have at Smart Transport and their capabilities will help you choose what you need to move your next load. Since all trucks and trailers may vary in capacities please use the information provided as a guideline most of the details are based our equipments specifications and limits.

Box Trucks 26' and 28'


Pallets: Haul up to 12 Pallets lengthwise (48" long x 40" wide) . Weight Limit: 12,000 lb of Cargo


Pallets: Haul up to 13 Pallets lengthwise (48" long x 40" wide) Weight Limit: 18,000 lb of Cargo

Accessorial(s): Pallet Jack and/or Lift Gate

Dry Van 53'

Haul up to 26 Pallets lengthwise (48" long x 40" wide) side by side

Weight Limit: 45,000 lb of Cargo

Stepdeck Trailer 48'

Stepdeck trailers or single drop trailers are used to haul freight that exceeds 8’6” in height

Max Load length: 48’ Max Load width: 8’6”

Max load height: 10’6” . Weight limit: 46,000lbs

Accessorial(s): Ramps, Tarps, Load Levelers, Chains, Straps, Dunnage, Coil Racks

Flatbed 48' and 53'

Flatbed trailers are the most used open trailers. Smart Transport has both 48’ & 53’ flatbed trailers. They have fully loadable decks and are also dock height, for easy loading/unloading at an facility.

Maximum trailer length: 48’ or 53’

Maximum load width: 8’6” Maximum load height: 9’ Weight Limit: 46,000 lb of Cargo

Accessorial(s): Piggy Back Forklift (5,000lb Limit), Tarps, Chains, Straps, Dunnage, Coil Racks