• Zeena Cruz

What are TSA Certified drivers & why do we need them?

Transportation safety is regulated and overseen by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The agency is responsible for passenger safety at airports along with terroristic threats. With both cargo and passenger aircraft. The TSA is also responsible for ensuring the security of the transportation of goods in the US, which is why your business may encounter TSA regulations.

Some drivers may decide to undergo additional training to achieve other qualifications. Such as HAZMAT endorsement which enables him or her to transport hazardous material. The TSA certification is similar. Only it grants drivers the permission to transport cargo directly to the airport to have the freight loaded on the plane.

You may not need TSA-certified drivers for every shipment. It's good to work with a delivery company that has the option. You'll have peace of mind knowing your shipment will get to where it needs to go without having to make extra stops for screening.

Smart Transports Inc has a fleet and staff to meet your shipment requirements including TSA certified drivers. Partner up with our team to move your South Florida freight and loads.

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